Investment strategy

Technology is nothing …
unless you have a clear investment strategy

investment strategy

How Does It Work?

The investment strategy of the Fund is to focus primarily:

... on Dutch deep-tech early-stage startups and scale-ups

... with highly promising international growth perspectives

... that leverage core defendable IP (e.g. patents, licenses)

... and are related
to the hardware and manufacturing industry

... using one of the
key enabling technologies*

*Key enabling technologies (KET) are technologies in which the Netherlands is scientifically strong and in which sufficient scientific progress and economic opportunities can be expected in the coming years. These technologies are essential in solving societal challenges and/or make a major potential contribution to the economy by the emergence of new business and new markets, increasing the competitiveness and strengthening job growth. DeepTechXL will invest in the following KET: Advanced Materials, Digital Technologies, Engineering and Fabrication Technologies, Nanotechnologies, Photonics and Light Technologies and Quantum. Technologies go through a selection process, then begin the nine-month venture-building program.

... in order to address one of the
4 key societal themes:

Energy Transition & Sustainability
Health & Care
Agriculture, Water & Food

... aND to make an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations.