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Deep-tech venture-building experience combined with seasoned, hands-on investment experience


“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart — and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”  
- Steve Jobs

At DeepTechXL we couldn’t agree more with this famous quote from one of the most successful
deep-tech entrepreneurs in history!

We understand you're a bit surprised because DeepTechXL is all about technology, isn’t it?

Perhaps we should explain ourselves in more detail.‍

Technology is nothing
... unless you ...

Have a clear investment strategy
Provide ventures with adequate funding for further development and roll-out
Invest in startups with the best talents who put that technology successfully to work
Are a fund team that combines deep-tech know-how and entrepreneurship and VC investment experience
Offer hands-on support to startups that have to deal with multiple tasks and limited resources  
Are connected to a unique ecosystem that provides valuable know-how, experience and a network
Focus only on technologies that address the key societal themes of our time
Make sure the technology contributes to the SDGs as defined by the United Nations
our Investment strategyour IMPACT POLICy


Technology is nothing … without being connected to a valuable ecosystem that helps overcome the challenges of deep-tech.

Let’s start with some history. In 2013 Guus Frericks founded HighTechXL with the following mission: building the best deep-tech venture-builder and ecosystem in Northwestern Europe. Deep-tech ventures obviously need substantial funding to survive the "valley of death." But in order to avoid the common pitfalls and accelerate the time to market, ventures must be connected to a world-class ecosystem. HighTechXL has been very successful because of its Founding Partners (ASML, Philips, BOM, TNO and High Tech Campus Eindhoven) and its broader network of research institutes, 400+ industry experts, advisors and mentors. Fast forward ...

In 2022, Guus and the Founding Partners took the initiative to create DeepTechXL as a necessary next step to strengthen the Dutch deep-tech ecosystem. DeepTechXL leverages unique skills and the networks of leading tech corporates, knowledge institutes and regional and national impact investors. DeepTechXL provides companies access to highly qualified resources, technologies, licenses, supply chain partners and co-investors.