Expertise in deep-tech venture capital, complemented by hands-on investment experience


“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart — and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”  
- Steve Jobs

At DeepTechXL, we resonate deeply with this insight from one of history's most successful deep-tech entrepreneurs.

We understand if you're a bit surprised. After all, DeepTechXL seems solely focused on technology, doesn't it?

Let us elaborate.

Technology is nothing
... unless you ...

Have a clear investment strategy
Provide ventures with adequate funding for further development and roll-out
Invest in startups with the best talents who put that technology successfully to work
Are a fund team that combines deep-tech know-how and entrepreneurship and VC investment experience
Offer hands-on support to startups that have to deal with multiple tasks and limited resources  
Are connected to a unique ecosystem that provides valuable know-how, experience and a network
Focus only on technologies that address the key societal themes of our time
Make sure the technology contributes to the SDGs as defined by the United Nations
our Investment strategyour IMPACT POLICy


Technology is nothing … without being connected to a valuable ecosystem that helps overcome the challenges of deep-tech.

DeepTechXL emerges in 2022 as a cornerstone in fortifying the Dutch deep-tech ecosystem. Positioned as a pivotal venture capital fund specializing in deep-tech investments, it leverages the collective expertise and networks of leading tech corporates, knowledge institutes, and regional and national impact investors.

Let's rewind to 2013—a seminal year when the first deep-tech venture builder, HighTechXL, was founded in the region with a bold mission: to cultivate the premier deep-tech venture-builder and ecosystem in Northwestern Europe. From inception, it was evident that deep-tech ventures required not only substantial funding but also a nurturing ecosystem to expedite their time to market. HighTechXL's journey to success was intertwined with the invaluable contributions of its esteemed Founding Partners —ASML, Philips, BOM, TNO, and High Tech Campus Eindhoven—alongside a diverse network of research institutes, industry experts, advisors, and mentors.

As DeepTechXL venture capital gains more recognition, it signifies a natural progression in this narrative, with a strong commitment to providing companies access to highly qualified resources, technologies, licenses, supply chain partners, and co-investors. As we propel forward, DeepTechXL stands poised to catalyze innovation and drive transformative change within the deep-tech landscape.